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Mother of elementary student

"Our family was fortunate to have Colette teach two of our three kids. Colette’s passion for reading and insights into reading development encouraged our kids to read and learn for pleasure. We saw huge jumps in their reading abilities after spending time in Colette’s class.

What I loved the most about Colette, however, was that she spent the time to truly get to know each of our boys and, not only identified their strengths, but focused on using them to build self confidence and additional skills.”


Mother of elementary student

"Colette was meant to be a teacher. She is patient, kind, encouraging, supportive and our children adored her. 

My son had Ms. Stone for first and second grade. Now in grade 6, he still speaks of her so fondly. He still says to this day “she taught me the most out of any teacher i ever had”. They definitely had a great connection. I remember one summer (after grade 2), we were away and he caught a fish. And he INSISTED I send a picture of him, holding his catch, to her.  Of course, in her loving and kind way she expressed her joy and amazement at what he did. He was thrilled! And I will never forget that.

Teachers like this don’t come along very often. But if you’re lucky enough to be in Ms. Stone's class, I believe your child will benefit not just from the time they are with her academically, but for years later because of the positive lasting impression she will leave.


Mother of elementary student

"I am so incredibly fortunate that Colette was my son’s teacher for both grade 2 and grade 3. I cannot begin to describe the positive influence that Colette had on him during those two very important and formative years.

Right from the beginning, Colette took my son away from the special-education environment, and integrated him fully (and successfully!) in the regular school program. Colette’s guidance, encouragement, and communication enabled my son to integrate socially with his peers. This is important for any child, but especially so for children with Asperger’s Syndrome.
Colette was also very quick to identify that he needed additional and enriched learning opportunities in order to keep him engaged. Not only did Colette provide this enriched atmosphere in her classroom, she also ensured that my son was assessed by the school board and ultimately placed in the gifted learning program in future years. David is now in high school, and we are so grateful to Colette for ensuring that David received the proper environment for nurturing his education. It absolutely put him on the right path.

Thank you Colette!"


Father of elementary student

"Dear Ms. Stone,
I trust you are well and gradually adjusting to the end of the school year, which I am sure is very welcome.
I wanted to send you a very quick message as I was unable to be at the school yesterday in person. I wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful impact on our daughter this year in Grade 2. We have slowly watched her flourish this year throughout the year and wanted to thank you for the nurturing learning environment you created for the class, and for our daughter in particular.
I hope you get some well-deserved rest this year and look forward to seeing you around the school next year.
Have a lovely summer.

PS: Our daughter has been missing you already and wanted me to send you the message below:

“I miss you terribly Ms.Stone. I had an amazing year with you!! ”


Mother of two elementary students

During their enrollment at Park Lawn JMS, both of our children have had the privilege of being taught by Ms. Stone.  Ms. Stone provided a classroom environment which encouraged curiosity, learning and acceptance.  Her calm and structured approach helped to facilitate a feeling of safety, support, confidence and belonging for both of our children.  She also demonstrated a commitment to their learning as well as to each of them as individuals.

As parents, we very quickly felt that Ms. Stone was a partner in our children’s learning.  She takes the time to get to know her students and become an advocate for them.  The examples I can share are numerous.  However, one example in particular has remained with us that I would like to share.  When our son was a Grade 3 student in Ms. Stone’s class, he began to experience migraines.  Ms. Stone recognized changes in him that may not have been obvious to someone who did not know him.  She promptly reached out to us so that we were aware.  Her care and diligence resulted in our seeking medical attention and learning both that our sun did in fact suffer from migraine headaches and that he required glasses for reading.  

With large classroom sizes, and varied student needs, it would have been easy for Ms. Stone to miss some of the symptoms that he was experiencing.  It stood out to us that she was in tune with the individual needs of her students.   Ms. Stone went above and beyond to partner with us by sharing details of the class time, which helped us gain a better understanding of what may be happening.

In our experience, Ms. Stone’s partnership has not ended at the completion of an academic school year.  Our children have continued to receive support from Ms. Stone through her participation in extracurricular programs like the annual school play, Park Lawn Idol and Park Lawn Palooza, where again, she is generous with her time, attention and care for them as students.

In closing, we also want to emphasize that our children have enjoyed learning from Ms. Stone, which we believe to be critical to building a solid academic foundation.  We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Ms. Stone as an ongoing learning partner for our children and are thankful for her investment in her work.


Mother of elementary student

Hi Colette

I hope you’re having a good morning. I just had a moment with my daughter last night and I wanted to share it with you.

We were working on her practice spelling words last night for her test today and she did significantly better than usual. So I said, I’m so proud of you you got a good number of words right and you were very close on a lot of the words why do you think that is? Are these words easier this week and she said “because of Ms. Colette. She’s given me more confidence”. And my heart just melted. I thought I would share that with you because I’m so happy we’ve found you and that she has already had a mind shift like that in such a short time.

Thank you!!!


Mother of three elementary students

"I have three kids who seem to need me every time my phone rings. The other day I took a call from Colette and put it on speaker phone. The kids all heard her voice, recognized her, and managed themselves without bothering me once during the call. They all just fell into line."

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