Early Years Literacy and Numeracy

Is your little one ready to explore the wonders of language and math?

Early Years Literacy and Numeracy Program is the perfect stepping stone for families seeking a comprehensive and nurturing educational experience for their preschool or kindergarten-aged children.

Ages 3Β½ to 5

Preschool or Kindergarten

3 Days a Week

Flexible Schedule


Half-Day Enrichment

Montessori-Inspired Excellence

While not Montessori accredited, our program draws inspiration from the renowned Montessori methodology, fostering hands-on, experiential learning.

Personalized Attention

Led by an Ontario-certified teacher and an assistant, our small group setting (8:1 ratio) ensures personalized attention, creating an environment where every child can thrive.

Ideal for Homeschooling Families

Elevate Academy provides a solid and robust language and math program, catering to families embracing the homeschooling approach.

Seamless Transition to Public School

After the enriching morning sessions, we walk your little ones to their afternoon classes at the public school, fostering socialization and easing the transition to a full day of school when they are ready.

Not Ready for a Full Day? No Problem!

Recognizing that some young learners might not be ready for a full day of school, Elevate Academy provides the perfect balance of structured learning and exploration, tailored to your child's unique pace and needs.


$60/day (or $800/month)

Minimum 10-month commitment.


What Our Parents Say